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"Leadership is not a product but a process,

alive through constant learning and meaningful innovation"

Hi there, Greetings.

Thank you for taking your time learn more about me. 

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, I am just another dreamer trying to make the most out of his time here. Passionate about learning from every opportunity and touching lives as deep and thorough as possible I am another traveler in this journey of life. My values are based on the foundation of humility and confidence where I urge everyone to always challenge their limitations and never believe that they can never do anything whilst their feet on the ground. 

There's nothing we can take when we are leaving this world, why not give it all when alive.


Growth Conclaves

Find some opportunities that might intrigue you or even give a new direction to your life.


GeoKrishi Leadership Program

Learn. Share. Explore.

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Daring Debates

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

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All Videos

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Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal


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